Video Email

With the power of the latest technology in video, a more cost effective method is needed to market products and services. Video Email is becoming more and more the wave of the future for companies, sales professionals, home-based businesses and family owned business.  The Video Email is helping these companies build and increase loyal customers, reduce advertising cost, and develop quality sales.

You might be asking yourself how? In every way imaginable! From book announcements to marketing campaigns, customer testimonials, product demos, training, corporate updates, video newsletters and more.  iVideo Productions can help your business expand and keep you in touch with the valued customer.

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Video Email

This package includes:
  • 1 customize video email template
  • 1 clickable (live) link back to your website
  • 1 company logo and contact information displayed
  • 1 video email campaign using your existing video or we can create one for you
  • Send video email to your entire email list (unlimited)

–Click here to view a sample

Please submit to us:

1. Your existing video or we can create a video for you
2. Images, such as the book cover or company logo
3. A description of the book, products and services.
4. Your existing video or we can create a video for you
5. Company contact information