How can my business, website or book  benefit from video distribution?
Lately, videos have been showing up at the top of search engines. If the video is named correctly and back links are added it should rank well. This will drive visitors to your video and then to your business or website in return. People are 90% most likely to view a video about a product or service then to read an article about it.

What items do I need to provide for my video?
At the check out section please give us the images, website address, the title and description of the video. It is also necessary to have the keywords and the category the video will be placed in.

How many pictures should I send?
5 pictures per 30 seconds.

What format should I send the images?

How long will it take for my video to be completed?
10 business days.

I don’t have any photos. Will you provide some?
Yes, we will find royalty free pictures that are relevant for your video.

How long does it take for my video to go live?
As soon as your video is uploaded, the video goes live immediately.

How will I know that my video has been distributed to video sharing sites?
A detailed report of the video submissions sites will be emailed to you.

I want to have an event video taped, how can I contact you?
We will video tape local meetings and events upon request. You can give us a call, email or speak to a representative about booking dates and times.