Why Video Marketing is the Silver Lining in Your Business

Why Video Marketing is the Silver Lining in Your Business

Why Video Marketing is the Silver Lining in Your Business
By Karan Shiv Goel

Before we start with something new or old, the first thing we always want to know is the “why” behind it – Why should we do it? And marketing, or advertising, is no different. And so, we will take a look at the top 3 reasons for you to integrate Video Marketing in your business.

The 21st Century is all about (very) high-speed broadband connections, allowing users to prefer videos over text-based content. These include, but are not limited to, video mails, video chats, video broadcasts, vlogs (video blogs) etc.

To create a successful video marketing campaign, the first and the obvious thing you need to have is a video. And here, we are not talking of any video. The video must be highly relevant to your subject niche, and must effective enough without misleading the viewer. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video etc. get millions of viewers each day. So, hundreds of big guns like Universal Studios, VEVO, Fox Entertainments etc have tied up with them to increase their viewer-base.

And for this, lots of reasons are responsible. 3 of these have been listed below.

1. Better Communication

Since videos include both audio and video, the message you want to convey, is done so effectively that not even a top copywriter’s copy can. If within the first few seconds of the video, you can capture the interest of the viewer, then you can be sure to expect a sale/call/order.

2. Less Production Time

Unless you have a contract with Sony, videos take as little as 180 seconds to create. Think I’m kidding? Head over to Animoto.com and play around. A 30-second video with very professional transitions and background music won’t take much time. Not only that, simple, short screencasts using software like Jing and CamStudio can be produced faster than writing an article.

3. People Will Remember

This is a KILLER benefit of Video Marketing. If you have read the book ‘Twilight’ and watched the movie too, ask yourself which was more interesting. I bet the answer is the latter.

It’s a common human physiology to memorize motion and sounds better than simple text. So, even if you don’t get a click, a sale instantly, don’t get discouraged. The offer still is running in the head of the prospect, and he may get back to it very soon.

So, there we go. Three super reasons for why you should start Video Marketing.

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